Welcome to The Learning Mind

The Learning Mind Blog is a pioneering educational initiative, which explores the latest research in Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE) science. Essentially, we study the way that people learn best.

Here is how it works: Research from a cross-section of psychological and neuroscientific studies gives us better insight into how the brain works. We design our lesson plans and all educational experiences around what we know about the brain. Then, we implement the best strategies in our classrooms, aiming to be at the forefront of the latest educational research.

Let’s discover together how research from neuroscience and psychology can lead to better educational systems and a more knowledgeable citizenry. We invite you–our educators, parents, researchers, and informed citizens–to peruse our content. We ask you to help spread the knowledge, join the discussion, and initiate change in your corner of the globe.

This blog is dedicated to a better world and a better future for our youth.



Bella is an educational writer and writing instructor. As editor of The Learning Mind, a project of Kars4Kids, she studies the science behind how people learn best. Bella teaches college writing and creative writing at Touro College, hoping to impart a love of learning to her students. She enjoys writing, in all of its forms, as a spiritual endeavor and means to self-growth.