kars4kidsThe Learning Mind is an educational initiative of Kars4Kids. A national Jewish non-profit, Kars4Kids provides educational support, mentoring, extracurricular activities, and family engagement to children and their families across the United States. Kars4Kids has raised over $100 million for charity since its inception. It is rated as a top nonprofit organization by Great Nonprofits and holds gold status on GuideStar.

Our mission is to provide guidance and educational tools to children and their families. We encourage our children to grow into happy, healthy, productive, and well-rounded community members. We emphasize the academic, social, and cultural development of each individual.

Kars4Kids boasts over 40 afterschool programs. Two campuses provide unlimited fun and activities for summer camp and year-round events. Our Grants Program funds educational initiatives around the world. We also sponsor LittleStar Preschool. Moreover, we have been promoting educational research since beginning our Kars4Kids Educational Blog for Parents over three years ago.

Kars4Kids has proudly bettered the lives of 32,000 people and counting. Our children receive various educational scholarships. As such, we have partnered with 181 schools across North America. The results are in: 92% of our students graduate with a high school diploma. Meanwhile, 78% of 12th graders in our programming continue on to higher education. 

We continue to expand our reach, promoting sound educational content and actively seeking to educate the whole child through our programs. We will not stop until we achieve our mission: helping children to become productive, contributing members of their communities and the world at large.



Bella is an educational writer and writing instructor. As editor of The Learning Mind, a project of Kars4Kids, she studies the science behind how people learn best. Bella teaches college writing and creative writing at Touro College, hoping to impart a love of learning to her students. She enjoys writing, in all of its forms, as a spiritual endeavor and means to self-growth.